Gozo and Comino

Our first adventure of 2019! We left alpine winter and freezing cold of UK behind, packed all the matching Salomons, had quick dinner to discuss last minute details and then the alarm clock woke us up at 5am the following day. It was time to play! We love our adventures. It is so much harder... Continue Reading →


Inspired by the one and only Rickey Gates Every.Single.Street It’s been almost a year since we’ve created our little project Friends for Trails. Plans for 2019 are coming up nicely and our first trip of the year took us to Gozo and Comino. Planning a route for Gozo was easy, big loop around the whole island... Continue Reading →

Gran Trail Courmayeur

It's been a while since we went on adventure. After few weeks trying to figure out logistics (not to mention the 60k race that was waiting for Jana week after) we opted out for a single day trip. Obviously we were hungry for an adventure so we wondered to the other side of Mont Blanc... Continue Reading →

Salomon Out Peak 20

Salomon Out Peak 20 - Perfect pack for multi day adventures! We've tested it in Peak District in the "best" possible conditions. Have a read to find out more details!

Mallorca February 2018

Mallorca is usually associated with hotels, beaches, commerce, tourism. Until you discover there are stunning mountains. Mallorca is beautiful. The nature is wild. It is the wilderness that attracted us. Not accessible, hard to navigate, your legs will be scratched from all the dry bushes, you will be frustrated with the high grass as you won’t see what you are about to stand on. It is hard. It is so worth it. When you suddenly stop and you look around. The real thing.

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