Mallorca February 2018

On 1st of February we went on our first adventure of 2018. We were fed up with winter conditions in UK so decided to go to Mallorca. To enjoy the sun. Little did we knew.

Why Mallorca?

Mallorca is usually associated with hotels, beaches, commerce, tourism. Until you discover there are stunning mountains. Mallorca is beautiful. The nature is wild. It is the wilderness that attracted us. Not accessible, hard to navigate, your legs will be scratched from all the dry bushes, you will be frustrated with the high grass as you won’t see what you are about to stand on. It is hard. It is so worth it. When you suddenly stop and you look around. The real thing.

GR221 is also called Serra de Tramuntana or Ruta de Pedra en Sec – which translates to Dry Stone route. We haven’t had that much luck this year with the “dry”. GR221 runs from Port d’Andratx to Port de Pollença and has loads of alternative paths. Close to bigger towns, the path is signposted and well maintained. And in contrast the route is non existent in places.

Day 1 33k 1,610m+


We ran from Valdemossa through Esporles to Banyalbufar where we’ve joined the official GR221 path. We came for sun. We got pouring rain and biting cold instead. But sometimes even weather can not destroy a perfect day!


Day 2 45k 2,468m+


The second day the rain stopped. We climbed countless gates, ran 17 switchbacks, were unable to get on path leading us home and ended up on petrol station. It was one of the best days!

Day 3 20k 1,081m+


Because we love to conquer our fears and the snowy peaks were scaring the heck out of us on day 2… we decided to explore the snowy peaks. Early morning we packed all our stuff, left to hotel and drove to Puig Major. It felt pretty special to run on the snow but once we’ve reached the top, the conditions worsened and we decided to go down and do a circular route instead. Followed by cous cous eaten in the car and shower with baby wipes.

Friends for Trails

We had so much fun together. No matter the conditions. No matter the snow. No matter the rain. No matter the top after the top. Finding the best travel, running and exploration partner seems easier than it is. We totally nailed it!

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