Gozo and Comino

Our first adventure of 2019! We left alpine winter and freezing cold of UK behind, packed all the matching Salomons, had quick dinner to discuss last minute details and then the alarm clock woke us up at 5am the following day. It was time to play!

We love our adventures. It is so much harder to plan these trip because we live in different countries and are rather busy on daily basis. But back in November when we’ve signed up for a three days multi stage race we knew we will use it as excuse for some pre-race trip. Malta looked like perfect location. Weather looked rather promising for February and there were cheap direct flights from London. Perfect.

Except we couldn’t really find many trails that would connect into some reasonable distance. Zoom in. Zoom out. There is an island next to Malta. Oh and another one. The heatmaps on Suunto app revealed a nice loop around the island of Gozo. The whole island. There must be a race there – Jana thought. And she was right. Route for day 1 was sorted within blink of an eye – we have planned a 50k loop around Gozo following the route of Xterra Malta – race that takes place every year in May.

So what about day 2? There was Comino, island between Gozo and Malta with regular ferry services. Perfect!

But… But the biggest loop around the island was only 5,5k. That is not really worth a day trip, is it? It is not, unless you decide to run all the trails. Unless you want to run #everysingletrail. And what started as a simple spontaneous idea, developed into a little project on its own.

Run around Gozo

We had very ambitions plan to leave the apartment at 7am. Two hours later, we left the flat. We were staying in Marsalforn – around halfway the race route. It was bit chilly but the weather forecast was suggesting sun. Just like the route profile was suggesting it is mainly flat. Instead, we’ve started climbing some pretty muddy hills balancing on a coastal path with quite a nice drop down straight into the sea. Some of us can not swim so it was rather adventurous to say the least. It felt like it took forever! Finally we’ve reached the port which was – for us – halfway. Mandatory baguette with avocado followed and bit refreshed we continued with our adventure. The views were breathtaking. Running next to the sea the whole way around, alongside salt pans with the sun settling down was definitely one of the most scenic runs we ever did. After – what felt like eternity – we’ve reached our destination, sunset, beer and joy were shared. But we knew this was just a recce. The real challenge was waiting for us the following day.

Every Single Trail on Comino

We had quite a stressful start trying to find the ferry and realising it will be an hour late, what left us bit frustrated. It was still off season and the port looked dead. There was nothing we could do, so we waited. One hour later the ferry arrived and we were the only two passengers. Getting off in Comino felt bit surreal. The island has 3,5 sq km in area and permanent population of only three residents. It felt abandoned. But we were not there to meet the locals. We came to run every single trail.

And so we did. We pre-planned the route at home and loaded it on our suunto watches. Technology ready, legs ready … now we just needed to follow the little paths and watching the breadcrumb trails on our watch. Easier said than done. What started as a funny game – run straight, turn right or left, run to the end of path, turn around, run back and continue on the path – got quite tiring after an hour. All the tiny little paths which were connecting and running in circles. The fact the whole island looks exactly the same, didn’t really help. Once we thought we were almost done, new paths came up. By the time it was properly hot in the sun and around lunchtime there was suddenly quite a few boats with tourists. We couldn’t be happier following the last trails and get back to the port!

Trying to run on rocky terrain staring at your wrist is pretty challenging. Jana ended up being the navigation queen while Mags was trying to keep her senses sharp to spot all the paths. Some of them existed on Strava but in reality it was run through some scratchy bushes and more rocks. Not exactly “paths”. 33 kilometres later we were done. Cooling the legs down in the nice refreshing sea, trying not to be stung by a jellyfish or two, we boarded our tiny boat and were taken back to Gozo.

Would we do this again? Tell us when and where and we are in!

We had so much fun, we decided to challenge you to run #everysingletrail as well! You don’t have to go far. Actually you don’t have to go further than to your local park. What you have to do is to join our Strava challenge and share your adventures with us.

We have a little give away every month starting in March all the way to July when we will hopefully run with you Every Single Trail on Love Trails Festival!

Join the challenge on Strava for your chance to run #everysingletrail and win the newest female specific Adv Skin 8 Set or Adv Skin 12 Set Running Vest from Salomon!

Are you in?

Kit that got us through sun and rain and mud and dust:



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